Links for you and me. Horribly out of date, sorry.

Be informed...

ORF - A clean and informational design from Austrian's quasi-monopole TV sender.
Der Standard and Die Presse - News from two of of the better Austrian newspapers.
The Register - Another good source for newest IT news and rumours.
Guardian - Very good newspaper from the country where you will certainly more often encounter the Sun.

Heise - The best German news site about IT...
Heise - Telepolis - ...also features interesting articles (also non-IT related) from independent writers.

FFII: Software Patents in Europe - Introducing Software Patents in the EU would have extremely negative consequences for the European industry!
Software Patents in Europe: A Short Overview - Read here how the European Counsil, steered trough extreme lobbying by the European Patent Office and the only ones that would benefit from software patents - the big players (mostly American and Japanese companies), is trying to push through software patents in the European Parliament!
EU-Software-Patente = Ausverkauf europäischen Know-Hows - A short reading why software patents are bad!
Why are Software Patents so Trivial? - Most software patents are just trivial!
Patented European webshop - Take a look at this horrifying example of what is already patented!
Beispiele für Software-Patente - Even more unbelievably already patented trivialities.
Quotations on Software Patents - Read opinions of people in the know: scientists, advocates, economists, politicians and patent strategists.

EU-Verfassung - Why people are saying "No!" to the to-be-declared European Constitution.

Check these...

"A Handbook for Scholars" - A must-read for anyone writing scholarly texts in English.
LEO - Fantastic German-English online dictionary!
NEC Research Institute ResearchIndex - A scientific literature digital library with a vast amount of published papers of researchers worldwide.
Wikipedia - The Internet as a huge encyclopedia.
MathWorld - The ultimate math encyclopedia.

Mars Exploration Rover Mission - Still up there.
Crimson Editor - A free, small and practical source code editor for windows.
TED Notepad - Looks like notepad.exe... light like notepad.exe... but with a bunch of extra and useful functionalities. - Austrian help site on frequent law and office questions.
Centre for Research on Globalization - Interesting political readings.
Paul Krugman's Web Site - Political comments.
Jokes, Satire and Political Cartoons - Finally a little bit of fun about politics.

DaveNet and Joel on Software - Interesting (basically IT-related) blogs I simply found by incident.

You're a programmer?

Teach Yourself C++ in 21 Days - Very good online book about C++ programming.
C++ Annotations Version 5.0.0 - Good overview about the differences between C and C++.
Charlie Calvert's C++ Builder Unleashed - Online book for those preferring Borland C++ Builder.

SELFHTML - Very good reference for writing HTML files.
Practical CSS Layout Tips, Tricks & Techniques - the title says it all

NASM - a great and free assembler available for several platforms.
DJGPP - Complete (and great!) 32-bit compiler collection including GCC and many other GNU utilities for DOS and Win* using DPMI.
LCC-Win32 - Free and small C compiler for Win* and its own small and fast IDE.
GNU mingw32 - Free C/C++ compiler for Win* platforms using the CRTDLL.DLL runtime library.

Intel Developer Services - Everything a developer wants to know about Intel's processors.
80386 Programmer's Reference Manual - 80386 Instruction Reference.

Simple DirectMedia Layer - A good platform-independent game library.
NeHe's OpenGL Tutorials - Want to learn OpenGL? Go there!
KDevelop - A great IDE for KDE.
BCB - CAQ - Site with code snippets for Borland C++ Builder.
Welcome To - And yet another site about Borland C++ Builder.

A Pragmatic Look at Exception Specifications - An important lecture if you use exceptions in C++!
STL Summary
The New Methodology - About Software Development Methodologies.
HAKMEM - Small collected items and examples possibly (not) interesting to programmers.

Want to write your own Operating System?

The Linux Documentation Project
Linux Kernel 2.4 Internals - Part of the Linux Documentation Project. A must read for every Linux kernel programmer.
The Design and Implementation of the 4.4BSD Operating System - Sample chapter of this great book.
4.4BSD Documents
Cross-references for FreeBSD

OS Tutorial - Introduction to write your first OS.
OS Links - A great link section.
ACM@UIUC Special Interest Group for Operating Systems - Has some nice introductions and code snippets.
Bringing SMP to Your UP Operating System
OSRC: The Operating System Resource Center
The OperatingSystem Developers Homepage
AI Lab Zurich : Links : Embedded and Real-Time Systems
Basic concepts of real-time operating systems

Design elements of the FreeBSD VM system
Design Elements of the FreeBSD VM System @ deamonnews Wiki - Linux Memory Managment documentation.
Understanding Virtual Memory
Slab Allocator - Notes about it.
Kmalloc Internals - Exploring Linux Kernel Memory Allocation.

An Implementation of Scheduler Activations on the NetBSD Operating System
Linux: Fair Queuing Disk Schedulers
A real-time dispatcher

Large Disk HOWTO - Covers disk layout, boot process and BIOS/ATA limitation issues.
Minimal partition table specification
Hale's HIW: Partition Tables

Design and Implementation of the Second Extended Filesystem
The Second Extended File system (EXT2)
Filesystems HOWTO - A huge collection of descriptions of different filesystems.

NewOS on Sourceforge - A very clean and portable kernel by former Be engineer Travis Geiselbrecht. Used as the basis for OpenBeOS.
OpenBeOS on Sourceforge - An effort to recreate the great operating system BeOS of former Be Inc.

More links...

GNU Make - The manual.
GNU Bash - The manual.
IEEE standard 754 for binary floating-point arithmetic - Learn what to take care for when using floating-point arithmetic!
Linux Threads Home Page - Explains the different thread implementations in Linux.
Introduction to POSIX Threads Programming - Very good introduction to Pthreads.
Pthreads APIs - User's Guide and Reference - Good Pthread API reference.
Unix Socket FAQ - Too much to ever read through.
A Socket-based IPC tutorial - A small but useful socket tutorial.
C++ Programming Links - A collection of links about programming in C/C++ and Unix.
Linux Assembly